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Carl Green

Carl Green was murdered in Hawaii in the mid 70's.  He and a partner operated a bar.  After closing they were countin receipts when a robber shot them.  John Boswell may have more details.  I know Carl since the fourth grade at Maeser.  Very sad.  Jerry Jacobson, 5/5/2017

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02/07/10 03:58 PM #1    

VirGean Olsen (Christensen)

In talking to a relative of Carl Green's,they told me that twenty five or thirty years ago, when calling for information for our class reunion. That Carl had been killed in a bar in Hawaii. VirGean Olsen Christensen

06/23/10 10:38 AM #2    

Lynne Sorensen

I remember seeing Carl the first day of school in 4th grade.  He came up to me and asked my name.  I felt so Very Special, as I thought he was the Cutest Boy in the school ! 

Years later we worked together at the Hedquist Drug Store on the corner of 1st West & Center Street.  We held down the store on the slow Sundays, while the owner slept in the back of the store.  I spent the day reading the True Crime Magazines, while Carl sold the Bay Rum and Hair Tonics to the Winos that came in for their Fixes, with the town Liquor Store up the street being closed on Sundays.  And there together - - - - I sampled my first - - - - - -  Chew of Tobacco ! 

Those were the Days !      I miss you CARL - as we All do.   

07/01/10 11:39 AM #3    

Clyde Nielsen

Carl and I were closest of friends in younger years.    Lots of ball together.  I spent many hours at his home.    He was lots of fun.     He taught me that Catholics are good people too.

Clyde Nielsen..................PS..    His last name is spelled Greene.

08/26/12 05:45 PM #4    

Gerald (Jerry) Jacobson

Like Clyde, I first met Carl at Maeser when I started the fourth grade there. He was in my classes all three years there and we became good friends. He was also my good-natured academic competition. His mother moved him to St. Francis in mid-year eighth grade. He did not seem too happy about it at the time (morose in class) and it lasted about two years until he showed up at PHS about mid sophomore year. No explanation. He wrote a rather cryptic message in my yearbook that year that still haunts me a bit, almost like he had a premonition. He left PHS before graduation and I heard little for years until I read that he and his ownership partner in a bar had been shot  by an after-hours robber. Carl was killed. Do not know if they ever caught the guy. This would have been about mid to late seventies. I know John Boswell had more of the details.

Very sad.


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