In Memory

Dennis Stanley Brown

DECEASED January 7, 2011 in Fallbrook, California.

Obituary in Daily Herald on 4/10/2011
Denny was born April 18, 1942 in Hollywood, CA. Died January 7, 2011 Fallbrook, CA age 68. Son of Stan and Lucille Brown. Graduated Maeser, Farrer, Provo High, BYU. Served Coast Guard 1960, LDS mission Uruguay 1961-1965. Career in social work. Children: Parni, Jason, Marcus. Marcus is deceased. Grandchildren: Jacob, Jenna, Max. Brother: Steve, Sisters: Judy, Caralee. Memorial service April 16, 11 AM Grandview 9th Ward, 1555 N. 1350 W. Provo. Casual dress.
Sisters:  Judy, Caralee. Brother:  Steve. 
Bob Valentine, Wayne Clark, Doc Hansen, Mike Kelsch, Jolene Clayson Pace (and her husband Glen L. Pace, emeritus LDS general authority) and a lot of his local relatives and friends attended the memorial service on Saturday, April 16th. There were over one hundred people in attendance.  We learned that Denny had died from colon cancer in January in California, not caught early enough.  He was divorced from his first wife and has been married for the last twenty years or so to Joan English, who had his body cremated in January and did not attend the Utah memorial.  In August 2011 after another memorial in California, she plans to scatter his ashes over the Pacific Ocean as he wished. He had no children with his second wife.  His son Marcus died a while back.  His sister Judy, two years younger than the class of 1960, conducted the memorial meeting.  The sisters, cousins and others spoke.  Bob Valentine briefly recalled his activities at Provo High.  Bob worked with Dennis on a musical tour ("The Mormon Moderns") while Dennis was serving his mission in Uruguay and Bob was serving in Argentina in the early 1960's. Dennis' uncle Glen Brown wanted everyone to know that Dennis was a compassionate social worker who helped the homeless and downtrodden in San Francisco, especially on Market Street. Several commented that Dennis was very smart and loved to debate political issues.  He was always curious about everything. The sisters recalled Provo life and how much fun it was growing up on Farr Street.  Please write your memories of Dennis on this site!