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Hendy Allen

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Marie Wright (Surnovszky)

I doubt that most of our classmates are aware of the life Hendy Allen had before he enrolled at Provo High School in his Junior year. I will share a bit about him.

Hendy was born in 1942 in a POW camp in Baguio City, Philippines; he and his brother remained with his mother (Dr. Beulah Allen) at Camp John Hay until he was 2 1/2 years old. Even though his mother was the camp physician, they suffered greatly at the hands of their Japanese captors. His father (Captain Henderson Allen) was a casualty of the Baatan Death march, and died of malaria 17 days before Hendy was born.

Hendy's mother was a very successful and dedicated physician and raised her sons in Palo Alto, California. Upon accepting a position as the Dean of Nursing at BYU, the family moved to Provo, where Hendy completed his final two years of high school.

After graduating from Provo High School, Hendy attended Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. At nineteen he fell in love with another college student (Patricia Ostlund), they were married on December 23, 1962. Only three months later, Hendy and Patricia were both killed when their car hit a patch of black ice as they were driving from Palo Alto to Whitman College.

The reason I have this information, is that Hendy and I were distant cousins; I grew up hearing about the terrible war years they endured.

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