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Marilyn Hall (Call)

 Diane Lund Moon writes:  My dear friend, Marilyn Hall, did not die in childbirth.  The condition she had was ulcerative colitis.  I do know she was operated on for that but died of pnemonia - I believe the day after her surgery or shortly thereafter.  She suffered a miscarriage months or possibly as much as a year prior to that, but it was the pnemonia after surgery for colitis that ultimately caused her death - in around 1970, give or take a few years.  Her married name was Marilyn Hall Call.

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03/09/10 09:25 PM #1    

Kathy Davis (Clarke)

Marilyn was a good friend of mine from school days at Farrer and Provo High. We were in the 5th Ward in Provo Stake and lived only two blocks away from each other. I remember going to her house to play "Clue" and other board games. Her mother was always nice to me. Marilyn's younger brother had died and her parents were divorced, so it was just her and her mother that lived in the house.
We worked on all our BeeHive achievements and went to church together.
She was a beautiful girl with milky white skin, a pretty smile, and a quite personality.

Ron Call swept her off her feet and they married and lived in California. They had one beautiful boy who Marilyn adored.

Her life was cut too short.

Kathy Davis Allman

03/29/10 05:57 PM #2    

Carol Crockett (Gray)

Marilyn lived across the street from me and we were best friends for a long time. They had an apartment in the back of their house for students and during the summer we would take our dolls and play house. We did it until we were so old I hid my doll going to her house so no one would see me still playing dolls.

06/25/10 11:55 PM #3    

Bonny Green (Thornton)

When we moved into our home on 3rd east, I attended the Provo Fifth Ward and met Marilyn.  She and I attended Maeser School together.  Although we were of an age,  we  enjoyed making paper dolls  and designing our  own dolls and clothes.    We worked in the Mutual together and we were iin a competion for a place in the Miss Liberty competition.  Playing  the piano  was our talent.  She won. Such a beautiful girl-all five  feet six inches.  We twirled the baton together in parades.


Marilyn came to see me when she visited her mother in Provo.  We had a new baby too.  She became ill and went to the hospital  for about a month as I remember.  She never came out.

Marilyn had a little boy who had stayed in California.  What a shame at such a young age for  her life to be over.


Bonny Green Thornton

08/25/11 09:42 PM #4    

Robert Y Valentine

Diane Lund Moon just sent this email:  I'm the curious type, so always wonder what people died from.  We have a growing list of class of '60 graduates who have passed on to the happy hunting grounds.  It would be interesting to know how many were accidental deaths, how many cancer, heart attack, some other sickness, or maybe someone even might have been a suicide.  When it's all over, it would be interesting to see who lived the longest.  

The only person I know about for sure is my friend, Marilyn Hall Call, who had ulcerative colitis, had surgery, then died the next day from pnemonia.  Very sad.  She was only 24 and had a little boy.

Diane Lund Moon (August 25, 2011)
Note from Bob Valentine:  Kathy Davis, Marilyn Hall, Diane Lund and Bonnie Green were my pals, too, and I often took them home or picked them up in my 1952 Green Chevy coup.  Wonderful memories. 

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