In Memory

Grant Hone


I'm aware that Grant Hone is deceased. 

Not sure when or where, just that he is gone.

Might put a flower next to his name.

I'll see if I can get some info.

Jim Griffith


Grant Hone died 13 Mar 1998 here in Payson.  I believe his wife Betty Jean Perkins (1961 or 62) is still alive but I don't know where she lives.  Rickey Lamb 5/7/2017

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01/05/12 05:23 PM #1    

Rickey G. Lamb

Grant Hone died March 13, 1998.  He is buried in the Payson City Cemetary.  He married Betty Jean Perkins from West Provo who was a year younger than us.  They have four children; Russell, Ted, Angie and Shauna according to his gravestone.  I placed a small PHS '60 flag on his grave when we held our 50th anniversary last year.  Have not been able to make contact with Betty but would certainly like to since she was a real close neighbor of mine growing up.


Grant was a close neighbor down in the Sunset area of west Provo. He lived in the first house west of the old viaduct on the North side of Center. Both our homes were taken out when I-15 came through.  He was one of the strongest people I have ever known.  He had incredible strength.  His wife Betty lived just 4 houses west of mine and we were fairly close all our young lives.

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