In Memory

Gerald (Richard) Falls

DECEASED - SEE BELOW -  Sophomore and Junior years at Provo High, then moved to Tullahoma High School in Tennessee for his senior year. Has a sister named Loretta, perhaps a twin.  
From: Audrey Cawthorn
We are looking for Richard Falls.  He has a sister Loretta and brother Allen. He transfered from Provo High School to Tullahoma High School Tennessee in 1960. We need to get in touch with him and his sister-for the Tullahoma 50th class reunion. Thanks for your help.  Audrey Cawthorn
P.S. Richard's father's name is Ernest Falls.
Ray Luce responded 3/15/10:  
Bob:  There is a Gerald Falls in our Sophomore and Junior (but not Senior) yearbook-- and a Loretta Falls in at least one yearbook.  That does not help find them, but may show that they were ours.  Thanks, Ray Luce
From Jerry Jacobson:  There is a Loretta Falls and Gerald Falls (other name Richard, perhaps?) in the 1957-58 yearbook with their names and pictures. You may have to borrow a copy to see. I vaguely remember the guy pictured, but couldn't tell you anything about him. I don"t remember the girl at all. Good luck.   Jake - Jerry and Janice Jacobson

Audrey Cawthorn wrote back again on 3/15/10.  I put Gerald Richard Falls in Google search.  A "Gerald Richard Falls," age 69  had his last address in North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030.

I also found in SS # of deaths:  Gerald R. Falls,  born Oct 17, 1941, died Aug 24, 1999.   He got his SS# in Utah in 1958.   Audrey, Tennessee
I have decided to put him on the IN MEMORY list.  Bob Valentine 3/15/10.  Now, where is his sister Loretta?