Maeser 3rd Grade 1951

From GlennaLee Ash Stowell

Many of our PHS 1960 classmates are in this Maeser 1951 picture.

Would the Easter posters in the back be allowed in public schools today without some sort of lawsuit?


Here are the names in the 1951 Maeser picture to the best of my knowledge.

Please help me name and correct the names below that correspond with the picture.  

GlennaLee Ash Stowell  
Front to back
Row 1:
Norma Jean Terry
VirGean Olsen
Janet Jacobs
Alice Ann Porter
Julia Rodriguez
Kaylene Williams
Row 2:
GlennaLee Ash
Ray Dean Terry
Wendell Draper
Linda James
Norma Ruth Thompson
Row 3:
Janene Ford
Janice Henderson
David Hansen
Carol Ann Day?
Dee Ann Bywater
Row 4:
Nana Jacobs?
Gary Van Wagner
MarLou Wolsey
Tommy Little
Steven Littlefield
Row 5:
Lujean Williamson?
Clyde Nielsen
Barbara Maynard
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